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Prizes galore

Grammys, Golden Globes, Oscars. It’s awards season in Hollywood, but entertainment isn’t the only industry getting in on the act.

The newly established Dynamite Prize is an effort to be to the global economy what the Razzies are to film. Marketplace’s Scott Jagow reports the Dynamite would go to the economists who “contributed the most to blowing up the global economy.” The top contenders include Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, former Fed chair Alan Greenspan and Nobel prize winner Paul Samuelson, of economics textbook fame.

Jagow places bets on who will win:

“Based on the comments I’ve read so far, Mr. Greenspan seems to be an overwhelming favorite to take down the top prize. I’m guessing Larry Summers will get quite a few votes as well.”

You can cast your vote for the Dynamite Award here.

But not all the news in the economics world has been depressing in the past year. One person who’s unlikely to be up for the Dynamite Prize is last year’s Nobel winner Elinor Ostrom. She is the first woman to win the prize, and someone whose research focuses on managing public resources responsibly.