Six words on health care

Everyone’s got a story about health care, whether it’s a late night rush to urgent care with a sick kid or a nightmarish series of calls to the insurance company to settle a claim. Last week, we asked for your Six Word Economy Memoir and received some great responses. With the recent passage of the health care reform bill, this week we turned to health care stories, and here’s what came back:

Alan Atwood: $12,000 A Year is Too Much.

January Hentschke Thapa
: I hope I never get sick!

Allison Olson
: Realizing we’re very lucky. Fingers crossed.

: hoping to die before exhausting coverage

Harlan Lewin
: Why is obesity a fashion statement?

Minnesota Public Radio
put a call out on the air for submissions. Their Public Insight Journalism network connects the station with viewers. Here are some of the responses from the Minneapolis area:

Colin Mansfield
: Minnesota Care is my life saver

Theresa K.
: Insurance is costly product, not guaranteeable.

Patrick S.: Public Sector Dad, Adulthood Is Sad.

Jennifer Hernandez
: Broken ankle. Huge deductible. Ouch!

Oh, and mine? Yoga classes are cheaper than therapy.

Do you have one to share? Add it in the comments below.

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